MPEG-2 Is Dead.
Long Live MPEG-2!

Still spending money on MPEG-2? Stop. Now.

No one likes dumping money into old technology. But what about technology that's both old yet still necessary?

With the C-BAND Relocation, video operators that can no longer receive video content from the C-BAND satellite spectrum will need to receive this content from other sources in different formats and transcode it to MPEG-2 to support their existing, legacy networks. 

But does it make sense to invest additional funds in MPEG-2 - a decades-old technology? We can almost hear you saying "No". And we agree!

That's why we're giving away FREE MPEG-2 output licenses with the purchase of our cutting-edge Inca products. 

We designed this campaign to help operators future-proof their legacy needs. When you no longer need MPEG-2, you can simply switch your Inca to an HEVC or an MPEG-4 powerhouse.

Interested? Simply fill out the form on this page and we'll get in touch right away. 

* Customer projects must be related to C-Band Relocation to be eligible.

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Save Big

Save up to $8,400 

That's big bucks you won't need to spend on legacy technology!


Peace of mind

Enjoy easy installation, real-time monitoring and improved uptime with Inca products.


No need to forklift

Simply repurpose your Inca chassis to meet your HEVC or MPEG-4 needs.